This Is The
Labor Day

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  1. Happy Labor Day..
    With image of flag..boy..and dog..
    And poem..."RESULTS AND ROSES" By Edgar Guest

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  2. Have A Safe Labor Day
    With animated image of flag with falling stars..
    and a quote by ~Thomas Edison~

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  3. *Labor Day!
    Labor Day officially ends summer
    With verse and Happy Labor Day

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  4. *Happy Labor Day
    Hope you get some rest
    And have some fun this weekend
    With tired Tatty Teddy

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  5. Have A Great Labor Day...
    With cute animated image of fella relaxing at beach

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  6. It`s Labor Day
    Enjoy ... Be Safe
    With image of sleeping man

    Labor Day image here
  7. *Enjoy Labor Day..
    With man relaxing in hammock

    Labor Day image here
  8. *Have A Great Labor Day
    Workers wages make up the lowest share of GDP since 1947...
    with puzzled man grilling and politican
    telling how high corporate profits are

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  9. *Made In China....
    In spite of the economy, hope you have a happy Labor Day

    Labor Day image here
  10. *It`s Labor Day...
    A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work
    With image of fisherman being caught by fish

    Labor Day image here
  11. *Happy Labor Day..
    And thanks for being my friend..with cute teddy holding American flag

    Labor Day image here
  12. *Have A Good Labor Day
    Hope it is a relaxing one.. with image of man taking it easy

    Labor Day image here
  13. *It`s Labor Day Weekend!!
    Hope you`re enjoying your weekend,
    with image of car full of kids headed to beach

    Labor Day image here
  14. *Have A Safe And Happy Labor Day
    with animation and tatty teddy

    Labor Day image here
  15. *Happy Labor Day
    With cartoon man on beach

    Labor Day image here
  16. *Labor Day
    Enjoy, have fun, be safe.. with animated stick figures

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