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    birdimage here
  1. Thinking Of You Today
    Image of bird. With animated bird, and poem "Reaching Out"

  2. butterfly and turtle image here
    Hello Dear Friend..
    With cute image of turtle. With animated turtle and butterfly.
    And poem "Between The Miles"

  3. floral with text image here
    Don`t Fret...
    Hope things are going better, with poem on pretty floral image

  4. animated jar of pickles image here
    I Hear You`re In A Pickle
    Anything I can do? with animated jar of pickles

  5. mountain lake image here
    Hope Things Are Going Better For You Now..
    I`m here for you, with pretty image of mountain lake

  6. lighthouse with text image here
    Praying For You
    Here for you no matter what you decide, with lighthouse image

  7. Mount Rainier image here
    I know Things Are Scary Right Now....
    I`m here for you and a beautiful mountain lake scene

  8. stormy sky with text image here
    Hope Things Are Going Better...
    With image of stormy skies

  9. sunshine over ocean image here
    Our Hearts And Prayers Are With You
    With sunshining over ocean

  10. animated butterfly image here
    Starting Over Is Hard To Do
    With poem "The Caterpillar", and animation

  11. very happy angel image here
    Real Joy Is Answered Prayers
    Glad yours were answered with drawing of angel

  12. storm over sea with text image here
    Lord Grant Me A Heart Of Compassion
    I am here for you if you need me...

  13. wet unhappy cat image here
    Don`t Worry...
    Things will get better

  14. 2 cute kids image here
    I Am Here For You...
    With cute image of children, ..I think God brought us together... verse

  15. angel image here
    I Will Say A Little Prayer For You
    With drawing of cute angel
    The card "Can I Help"? was inspired by my dear friend Don Bird..Thank you again Don

  16. Tatty Teddy image here
    Can I Help
    With Tatty Teddies

  17. rough seas with text image here
    I Know Things Are Not Going Well...
    I`m praying for you with painting by Ludolf Backhaysen c1667

  18. floral image here with text
    Father Please Help Me...
    I am here for you too, with beautiful image of flower and quote

  19. sunset with text image here
    My Heart Is Reaching Out To You..
    For what you are going through..with beautiful image of sunset

  20. orchids image here
    Sending Prayers Your Way...
    With image of beautiful orchids

  21. storm image here with text
    Praying For You...
    With image of storm..and text

  22. waterfall, rainbow, and text image here
    Here For You...
    With image of beautiful waterfall

  23. sunshine sky with text image here
    Give Thanks To The Lord
    His love and mine are always there for you, image of sunbeams through clouds

  24. image here
    Just Wanted You To Know You Are Not Forgotten


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