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NEW April 29, 2011

  1. It`s Spring...
    Time for allergies..with allergic buzzard

  2. It Is Wednesday
    With little green man?..holding coffee cup

  3. Happy Mother`s Day
    With floral image and poem (A Mother`s Love)

  4. Happy Mother`s Day
    With beautiful poem (God Made A Wonderful Mother) and floral images

  5. Happy Mother`s Day
    Did I remember To Thank You?..with floral image

  6. Happy Mother`s Day
    Poem...For All The Times...with bird image

  7. Happy Mother`s Day To A Mom To Be...
    Cute image of pregnant mother, with You Know You`re A Mom...verse

  8. Have A Good Day..
    With animated Smilie faces/don`t worry, be happy

  9. You`re The Best Friend...
    Any one could have..with cute puppies

  10. Sending Hugs Your Way..
    Hope you have a very good day with Butterflies...

  11. Good Night
    Hope you have a good night..with Care Bears

  12. Have A Great Night
    With pretty horse images

  13. Let Go...
    In these moments Lord,I empty my hands and open them to You..

  14. Missing You
    You may be out of my sight..with sad kitty

  15. Still Waiting To Hear From You
    Miss you my friend with kitty sitting on laptop pc


NEW April 20, 2011

  1. Good Friday
    Image of Jesus on the cross..thinking of you text

  2. Good Friday
    Image of Jesus with cross, May the Good Lords blessings be upon you..

    Poem..with Happy Easter wish

  4. Have A Happy Easter
    with cute poem Easter Isn`t Easy

  5. Rattled/All Shook Up?
    I`m here for you with man using animated jackhammer

  6. I`m Thinking Of You
    With cute puppy, love to hear from you

  7. Good Morning
    With sun and coffee images and poem

  8. Just A Little Reminder
    Would love to hear from you, with cute puppy image

  9. Yea!! It`s Friday!
    With dancing stick man and rock music

  10. Spring Is Here
    Beautiful butterflies, and a poem

  11. Way To Go!
    Proud of you, with animated smilie face


NEW April 15, 2011

  1. I Worry About You..
    Isn`t it time to slow down, with cute dog image

  2. Please Send Your Blessings..
    Prayer request..for family during bad times, with image of anenomes

  3. I`m Sorry
    You misunderstood what I said.. I care about you with Garfield the cat

  4. Good Morning
    animated cow theme, hope you have a good day

  5. I Miss You
    With image of sad kitty

  6. These Are My Treasures
    Inspirational, with poem, and I am glad you are in my life

  7. Good Night
    Sleep tight with little girl looking at fireflies

  8. Good Morning
    Hope you have a good day, with coffee cups image

  9. A New Baby?
    Congratulations, with animated baby and stork, with poem

  10. Hoppy Hoppy Easter
    With cute Easter bunny..Hope your Easter is a good one

  11. May God Bless Thy Easter
    With angel and poem

  12. Palm Sunday Blessings
    Image of Jesus riding into Jerusalem with verse

  13. May Your Palm Sunday Be Blessed
    Image of Jesus riding into Jerusalem with poem


NEW April 9, 2011

  1. Spring Is Finally Here..
    Just be careful,with animated man doing yard work..

  2. Hello,Hello,Hello
    Just wondering how you are..with 3 cute owls

  3. Is It Tea Time Yet?
    Hope your day is a good one, with teddies

  4. You Are In My Heart
    On my mind, and in my prayers, with gray kitty

  5. My Thoughts Are With You
    Now and always, with beautiful wave image

  6. Good Morning
    Hope you have good day, with lady, cat, coffee, and pc

  7. For God So Loved The World...
    May you and yours have a wonderful EASTER!

  8. Happy Easter
    With poem "His Love" with some animation

  9. Easter Blessings
    With poem "Saving Grace" with some animation


NEW April 3, 2011

  1. Good Morning
    Hope you have a great day with image of white tiger

  2. Thinking Of You Today....
    With waterfall sounds and for some animated butterflies

  3. Good Morning
    Hope your day is a Great one with animateions

  4. Just A Note..
    To say hello..with animated basket of flowers and animals

  5. A Note For My Friend
    With friend poem, and cute boxer puppies

  6. Another Day To Know The Love Of Family And Friends..
    Just wanted you to know I am thinking of you

  7. Oh No, I Forgot Your Birthday!?
    With wide-eyed cat image and verse

  8. Sorry I`ve Not Been In Touch
    With animated man being walked by a dog

  9. Our Prayers Are With You #1
    A sympathy card with statue of kneeling, crying woman

  10. Our Prayers Are With You #2
    Beautiful mountain lake scene with sympathy note

  11. Happy Easter To You And Yours
    From me and mine, with animated bunny in easter basket

  12. Happy Easter
    With bunny and bunny poem

  13. Tips from the Easter bunny
    Have a Happy Easter..

  14. Happy Easter..
    With animation, and bunny poem

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