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or found on the internet in free sites..
But.. should you see anything that belongs to you..
Please email me.. I will either give credit to you
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A lot of the midi files I use on this page I found at
Alamo 5s Midi Page

Thanks for sharing Laurie!

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Once again my opening page was highjacked..
so am rebuilding it..
hope it does not cause any problems...

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Please give "Love Letters In The Sand" Midi time to fully load
Love this song..
my first love "Buddy" Williams practiced this song at my house
way back in the 1950s
for a talent show at Alliance High School.
Hope for those of you close to my age, it brings back good memories.

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This page was started years ago,
due to some gentle nudging from a very sweet friend of mine..
the "other" Mama Lin.
And is dedicated to her memory.
Thank you dear friend for all the enjoyment these pages
have brought to myself and everyone else..

Picture of Linda Peterson here

My dear friend... Linda Jean Peterson, 63 of Austin,TX passed away peacefully in her sleep
on April 20, 2008.
Linda was born on April 4, 1945 in Tom Green County to Ola Mabel (Almon) and Clifford Postelle Kayler.
Linda was a nurse in Austin for many years.
She was preceded in death
by her parents and husband Carl Ansel Lloyd Peterson.

She is survived by her son Tom... daughter Mylinda... and daughter Molly.
Also six grandchildren whom she loved dearly. A brother David and her sister Emily.

In addition to her family, Linda had many close friends and "Sisters of the Heart".
Verda T., Debbie F., Donna S. and Ruthie C.. She will be sorely missed.

We all miss you dear friend!

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