Image of Happy couple (Don and Mary Bird) here

If you click on the image above..(taken in 1942)
you will see this happy couple (Don and Mary Bird)
still together today.

Thank you dear friend for sharing these photos with us

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"I Care"
"Love You" Greetings...

hearts here

  1. image here
    Poem "The Time Is Now"
    If you`re ever going to love me, love me now

  2. image here
    I Believe Love Is The Greatest Gift Of All
    Know that I love you

  3. Rose image here
    Poem "Go Lovely Rose"
    By Edmund Waller. 16061687

    Know that I love you

  4. image  here
    You Are The Sun That Brightens My Rainy Days
    With image of Poo Bear and Piglette

  5. When Life Gives You A Rainy Day...
    Play in the puddles, have a good day with animation

  6. Tweety Bird here
    I Just Wuv You
    With Tweety, and Tweety singing a song

  7. cute mouse image here
    Oh You Are Sooooo Cute...
    I`m so glad you are mine with cute mouse and cattails

  8. image here
    I Miss You So Very Much
    Please hurry home, with crying tatty teddy

  9. image here
    I Care
    With poem.. I want you to know...with butterflies

  10. image here
    A Rose Just For You
    Because I love you, with image of man handing a woman a rose

  11. image here
    Sending Teddy Bear Hugs..
    And lots of love, with cute image of teddy with wings holding little teddy

  12. image here
    Just A Little Note To Say
    I love you more each passing day, with animated butterfly

  13. image here
    Hugs, Just For You
    With cute image of child and teddy bear

  14. image here
    Every Perfect Gift Is From Above..
    And you are my perfect gift, with pretty butterfly image

  15. image here
    Sending Hugs, Because I Love You
    With cute, purple, fuzzy "Thing"

  16. image here
    What Does I Love You Mean?
    A poem

  17. image here
    A Rose For You..
    Because I love you

  18. image here
    This Is A Hug
    From me to you.. with cute kitty

  19. image here
    Love You
    On beautiful flowers with animated butterfly

  20. image here
    Miss You
    Please Write

  21. image here
    Here Are Hugs Just For You
    Smiley face hugs

  22. image here
    Simple Love You
    With single red rose

  23. image here
    Silly How Are You Darlin`
    With animated dog..

  24. image here
    Love you

  25. image here
    I Love You Even More Today....
    With a beautiful picture of a Magnolia blossom

  26. image here
    image here
    I Really Care
    With animated little girl,cat and butterflies.

  27. image here
    image here
    Love You!


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