You`re most likely
over the hill
if you can remember
of the following memories!

And you just might be considered
if you remember them all !!!

hardwear store image here
#1 When hardware used to refer to a store and not computer equipment.

Enter sign herewood chip images here
#2 When "enter" was a sign on a door,
not a button on a computer keyboard,
and "chip" was a piece of wood.

A Lent meal image hereimage of bride and groom here
#3 When fast food was what you ate during Lent, and it used to be that people married first and then lived together.

A grandma rocking a child image herecurly hair image here
#4 When "rock music" took place while grandma sang a lullaby in a rocking chair, and kinky was for hair.

images of closet hereteachers helper hereimage of pills here
#5 When closets were for clothes and not coming out of, and aids were helpers in the principal`s office or pills to help you when you were on a diet.

man mowing grass hereCoca Cola image hereimage of pots and pans here
#6 When grass was for mowing, Coke was a refreshing drink, and pot was something you cooked in.

divider line here

OK.. are you feeling Older than dirt yet??
Don`t feel bad..
Just look at all the great memories we have.
And remember how it was safe
to let us out to play all day..
And Mom did not know where we were..?
We grew up in a Much Better Time..
Enjoy the memories!!!!

The text above was taken from
Bob Phillips "Over The Hill & On A Roll Book
•Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
•Date Published: Mar 1999
The Over The Hill And On A Roll cover
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