This is an image of our fallen hero, Benjamin D White. coming home to Erwin TN USA


I didn't know your son,
His name, his rank or age.
Our paths have never crossed,
At least not 'til today.

I saw him on the plane,
One flown from overseas.
It was the pilot's honor,
To carry men like these.

He didn't do like some,
Deplane and kiss the ground.
He didn't move a muscle,
He didn't make a sound.

There was no lively band
Or music in the air.
No festive decorations,
Or banners floating there.

No crowd of friends and family,
Shouting Welcome Back!
Just six who bore him down the ramp.
To a hearse so long and black.

And tho' his sad return
Leaves you full of pain.
Know the life he freely gave
Was truly not in vain.

He felt it was his duty
To bravely volunteer.
And help defend the freedoms
This country holds so dear.

So pray to God for comfort,
And from this loss you'll heal.
Remember that He lost His Son,
He knows just how you feel.

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By Ken B. Harper
Copyright 2006

It is illegal to use this poem without the author's permission.
~~ Send your comments and/or use permission request to ~~ Ken. ~~


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This is a hymn written by Randall Wallace and set to the music of Nick Glennie-Smith.
This song was sung by the West Point Glee Club
at the end of the movie "We Were Soldiers"
The hymn also served as the recessional in the 2004 funeral of President Ronald Reagan.
That rendition was sung by the Armed Forces Chorus
with the United States Marine Chamber Orchestra.

The image used on this page is of Air Force Senior Airman Benjamin D White
being brought home to Erwin TN USA
He died during a rescue mission in Afghanistan
June 9, 2010

Benjamin D White Memorial Page on Facebook

Erwin Record
Rest In Peace