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"Come To Jesus"

When life becomes so weary
Every day brings new despair
And you`ve lost your love for living
To a life of barren fare;
When you`ve nothing left to live for-
And no more tears to cry;
Come to Jesus, with your burdens,
For a love He won`t deny.

He is waiting to embrace you-
Just a simple prayer away-
And to fill your heart with gladness
To endear your night and day.
For He knows of all you`ve suffered,
In your journeys through the years,
And He know of faiths you`ve vanished
To your struggles and your tears.

Come to Jesus and His comforts-
Within calling of your cry;
Let Him grant new loves, for sharing,
And new faiths to journey by;
Let Him give your life new meaning
And uplift you from despair.
Come to Him - who waits to help you-
At the moment of your prayer.

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Poem Michael Dubina

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This is a song written by Ray Stevens
It was responsible for two wins at the Grammy Awards of 1971
It starts out with the children`s hymn, "Jesus loves the little children"
Words written by preacher Clare Herbert Woolston (18561927)
Inspired by Matthew 19:14:

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