Good Night Sweet Child
Black and white image of child asleep here
Little lambs, little lambs.
Where do you sleep?
"In the green meadow,
With mother sheep."

Little birds, little birds,
Where do you rest?
"Close to our mother,
In a warm nest."

Baby dear, Baby dear,
Where do you lie?
"In my warm bed,
With Mother close by."

Sleep Tight!

sleeping baby here
Author of poem unknown

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You are listening to
"Brahms Lullaby" Midi
Cradle Song is the common name for a number of children's lullabies with similar lyrics,
the original of which was Johannes Brahms's Wiegenlied: Guten Abend, gute Nacht
("Good evening, good night"), Op. 49, No. 4, published in 1868
and widely known as Brahms's Lullaby.
The lyrics of the first verse are from a collection of German folk poems called
Des Knaben Wunderhorn
and the second stanza was written by Georg Scherer (18241909) in 1849.