Hope your sun doesn`t

Image of sun peeking around the clouds

hide from you today!

There is a joy that comes to light
When sunny days appear
A sense of warmth, both bold and bright
Each time the skies are clear
A moment’s peace, a sacred calm
And stillness, all day through
We can behold within our palm
When sunshine is in view.

Enjoyment, in its purest sense
Can thrive on sunny days
For when blue skies and sun commence
Our cares are swept away
Basking beneath this golden glow
We shall forever find
The beauty we have come to know
Where once, the world seemed blind.

Much promise is held in the beams
When sunny days emerge
For in the rays, we see our dreams
As more than thoughts we’ve purged
A sense of hope, a sense of worth
And love to last, always
Shall evermore reign ‘cross the earth
When we seize sunny days.

Hope you have a Sunny day!

Poem used above ...©2006 – Jill Eisnaugle’s Poetry Collection

Image of sun peeking around the clouds

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